Changing with the Times - Our New Logo

Like many businesses and organizations, DSquaredB Consulting realized recently that our focus has shifted somewhat from when we first began. As our client list has grown, the majority of our work has been building and managing custom Drupal websites, with less emphasis on managing social media accounts. So while we will continue to assist our website clients with their total online presence, including social media, we will no longer offer just social media management as a service.

With the decision to move away from social media management, we knew our branding needed to be updated. Since we are no longer "distributing digital buzz" through social media, our logo needed an overhaul. So, today we unveil our new logo. It is still a work in progress and may undergo a few minor tweaks, but we will begin using the logo below immediately.


DSquaredB logo

We may be updating our focus and our branding, but DSquaredB Consulting hasn't changed our commitment to our clients. We will continue to provide personal attention to all our clients' website needs.

Considering a website project? Let DSquaredB Consulting tell you how we can help. Contact us today.